Robert G. Stalnaker II

Multi-disciplinary enterprise solutions architect focusing on customer-centric results using current generation technologies.

Robert Stalnaker relies upon his 20+ years of public and private sector experience in helping organizations develop modern and secure bespoke software systems and data integrations solutions. He is a dynamic lifelong learner, mentor, teacher to technology student interns, and technologist focusing on poignant architecture designs that scale.

Robert focuses on helping organizations adopt technologies, including capabilities to support improved data, contextual data analytics, and strategic platform infrastructure, to imbue their operations with insights and observably improved outcomes through proven industry standards, best practices, and personal experience.

Specialties include: Data architecture and system platform creation, evolution, and lifecycle management, business process engineering, hybrid cloud computing and solution development, API solutions for new and emerging needs, strategic insights and leadership for technology implementations, educational instruction, innovation, and data contextualization to facilitate making sense of the obscure.

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